About Batumi

One of the most beautiful cities in Georgia, Batumi is an important tourist center on the Black sea coast. With its European streets and squares, mixture of old and new architecture, historical port, unique Botanical Garden, charming seaside boulevard, international brand hotels, café-bars and restaurants, Batumi makes up the modern face of Georgia. 

It should be noted that Batumi won the prestigious award of the „World Travel Awards“ in 2019 and received the title of the fastest growing tourist destination.

About Batumi
Why Batumi
  • Dynamically developing tourism and construction sectors
  • Up to 2 million visitors in 2018 (+23%)
  • One of the trendiest destinations of 2019 according to Airbnb
  • Tourism diversity - a destination for all four seasons
About Georgia

The country of hospitable people, ancient culture and traditions, unique folklore, pristine nature, moderate climate, delicious cuisine and wine, Georgia is becoming more and more popular among international travelers proved by YOY growth statistics and rankings. In 2018 Georgia hosted 8.7 million visitors, while UNWTO nominated Georgia the fourth most dynamically growing tourism destination in the world. Alongside with tourism, construction sector is booming here as well with ever growing number of people wishing to invest in real estate.

About Georgia
Why Georgia
Why Georgia
  • Political Stability
  • Guaranteed ownership right
  • Easy procedures for  purchasing and registering real estate (10-15 minutes in total)
  • Easy procedures for obtaining residence permit and  dual citizenship;
  • One  of the safest countries in the world (the fifth according to Numbeo)
  • Low taxes on  property
  • Low level of corruption (the first among post-soviet countries according to Transparency International)
  • Ease of doing business (the  6th in the world according to World Bank data)
  • Moderate climate with all four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)
Sales offices & contacts
  • +995 593 75 50 50
  • +995 593 75 50 50
  • +995 593 76 50 50
  • 14 Tamar Mepe Avenue, Batumi (Sales office and Project location)Alphabet Tower, Batumi (Sales office) Malborska str. 16 B 03-286 Warsaw, Poland +48502565737
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