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Mziuri Gardens – Unique Residential and Investment Project in Adjara
Mziuri Gardens – Unique Residential and Investment Project in Adjara

17 June, 2022

Mziuri Gardens is a residential and investment project in the Black Sea resort of Makhinjauri. It is located on the territory of the former sanatorium, only a few metres away from the coastline. It includes residential apartments, a balneological resort, and the five-star Crowne Plaza hotel.

Mziuri Gardens represents the first British investment in the Adjara region. It is funded by the leading investment and real estate firm MRMU International. The project stands out through its development potential, the presence of the Crowne Plaza hotel, and the first restored balneological resort in Adjara.

To find out more about the project, we spoke to the company’s commercial director Teona Giorgadze.

- What can you tell us about the balneological resort at Mziuri Gardens?

- The project involves the restoration of a historically important balneological resort. It will become a 60-room health and spa centre that meets international standards. It will be accessible to residents of the complex, as well as any local and international visitors.

Speaking of the balneological resort, it is important to note that the microclimate and subterm mineral waters in Makhinjauri were already used by the locals in the early 20th century to treat various diseases.

The healing properties of the unique microclimate and mineral waters were discovered decades ago and have been scientifically studied. The use of sulfur water for healing purposes dates back to 1880.

- What about the infrastructure of the complex? What awaits the residents at Mziuri Gardens?

- Mziuri Gardens stretches across a 12,000 m2 territory. It includes one 17-storey and two 15-storey buildings, one of which will house the five-star Crowne Plaza hotel.

Mziuri Gardens residents will be able to use the health and spa centre, jacuzzi, massage room and fitness room. This applies to hotel guests and apartment owners alike.

Other facilities include a courtyard with children’s spaces, a square, playing field, stadium, a Georgian-European restaurant and a private beach that residents of the complex will be able to access via a bridge and an elevator.

Our goal is to create all the necessary conditions for quality living and leisure for the residents of Mziuri Gardens

Behind every successful undertaking there are specific people. Tell us more about your team.-

- The Mziuri Gardens team is composed of individuals who are capable of creating successful projects that are important for our country, Company founder Zurab Naskidashvili has 20 years of experience in the construction and hospitality sectors. He has worked extensively across South Caucasus and Eastern Europe, implementing numerous successful and significant projects. He currently leads the investment projects of MRMU International in Tbilisi and Adjara.

- What are your plans, and at what stage are they?

- We began implementing the project in 2019. Construction of all three apartment blocks has been completed. Interior works are currently ongoing. The apartments will come with furniture and household equipment.

Our goal is to transform Adjara, and specifically Makhinjauri into an all-year resort that welcomes visitors from all over the world. The balneological resort will play an important role in this plan.

Mziuri Gardens is a unique residential and investment location with a rich history, microclimate and theremal waters, and a mixture of seaside and mountain air.

The apartments offer stunning panoramic views of the sea, creating an ideal environment for quality living and leisure.


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  • 14 Tamar Mepe Avenue, Batumi (Sales office and Project location) Tbilisi, 4 Besiki st. (Besik Business Center) 5 Professor Avraham Pzurnik Street, Nes Ziona, Israel
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